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Frequently Asked Questions

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应用 for Financial Aid?

Start the financial aid process by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 你还需要完成MBU的入学申请.

File the FAFSA?

The easiest and fastest way to do this is 在线. 创建一个FSA ID(联邦学生援助ID),以便通过访问以电子方式签署FAFSA  如果你是一个受抚养的学生,你的父母也需要创建一个FSA ID.

Also see, “What is needed to complete the FAFSA?”(下图)

应用 for a student loan?

You apply for federal student 贷款 by filing the FAFSA. 一旦你的资格被确认,你必须填写两份额外的文件

你会被提醒你所借的联邦贷款 Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment.

Alternative loan options, sometimes referred to as private 贷款, 可以补充学生通常获得的其他形式的援助吗. While we cannot suggest a specific lender to a student, 我们确实保留了学生近年来使用过的贷款公司的历史列表. Our lender list can be accessed through the following link: MBU Alternative Lenders

You can also find more information about 贷款一步一步的说明如何完成您的贷款文件.

应用 for a federal parent loan?

只有当你是受抚养学生的父母时,你才可以申请这笔贷款. If that is the case, 并且你想申请额外的资金,通过联邦直接父母PLUS贷款计划申请到你的学生账户, 签署 the federal student 贷款 website with your own FSA ID, look for the Parent PLUS Loan request.

这里有 立博体育如何完成请求并以电子方式签署贷款协议的分步说明.

Decide how much I should borrow?


  • The cost of living where you plan to attend school
  • The price of the school you plan to attend
  • The amount of other financial aid you for which you are eligible
  • 你的预期毕业日期和你未来的借款需要让你度过毕业
  • The limits on borrowing established by the federal 政府ernment
  • 政府在把资金送到学校之前收取的贷款费用

Keep track of my student 贷款?

你可以用 the new Aid Summary feature 由教育部提供,可以查看你的联邦学生贷款,也可以查看你的联邦助学金

You will also be reminded of your borrowing when you complete Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment.

Find out more about debt relief of my student 贷款?

You can sign up here U.S. Department of Ed Subscriptions 以获取教育部实施总统指令计划的最新进展.

Here is a quick “Frequently Asked Questions” page about the One-Time Student Loan Debt Relief.

以下是有关政府不同贷款减免计划的更多一般信息: Student Loan Forgiveess.

Find out more about financial aid?

You can view multiple topics related to financial aid at

我们还列出了其他有用的信息和要求披露 Consumer Information page.



FAFSA,或者 Free Application for Federal Student Aid是联邦政府用来确定你是否有资格获得经济援助的表格. FAFSA确定的援助类型包括助学金、勤工俭学、奖学金和贷款.

Needed to complete the FAFSA?

You will need to first create a Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) 如果你是一个独立的学生,你的父母也需要一个. FSA ID是你签署FAFSA和学生贷款文件的电子签名, 这也是你如何登录联邦学生援助网站,以保护你的个人信息安全.

You may also need:

  • 您的社会安全号码(可以在您的社会安全卡上找到)
  • Your driver’s license (if any)
  • 两年前的W-2表格和其他收入记录
  • 您(和/或您的父母)前两年的联邦所得税申报表- IRS表格1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, foreign tax return, or tax return from Puerto Rico, 关岛, American Samoa, 美国.S. 维尔京群岛,马绍尔群岛,密克罗尼西亚联邦
  • Any untaxed income records for two years prior — e.g., payments to tax
    received in the tax year needed for the FAFSA
  • 联邦勤工俭学或其他基于需要的工作的应税收入记录
  • 记录 of any 奖助金, 奖学金, 奖学金资助包括在您或您父母的调整后总收入(AGI)中。
  • Any current bank statements
  • 任何当前的商业和投资抵押信息,商业和农场
    records, stock, bonds and other investment records
  • Documentation that you are a U.S. permanent resident or other eligible noncitizen, if applicable

Missouri Baptist’s school code for the FAFSA?

Missouri Baptist University’s FAFSA code is 007540.

The difference between subsidized & unsubsidized 贷款?

The Federal Direct Subsidized Loan is interest-free to the student at the following times:

  • While he or she is in school (at least half-time)
  • During the period the loan is in grace
  • During periods of deferment

The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan 在第一次付款后开始计息,并在贷款期间继续计息. You have the option to pay the loan while in school, 但在校期间不需要支付任何利息. Any unpaid interest will be capitalized, or added to the principal loan balance, when repayment starts.


Have to complete a FAFSA verification?

联邦教育部从所有FAFSA提交的材料中挑选出一半进行审查,称为“验证”. 这仅仅意味着他们要求你在FAFSA上列出的学校确认你在表格上输入的信息. 因此, 如果您是受抚养学生,我们可能需要您和您的父母提供信息和文件,例如报表和纳税申报表副本. 这不是税务审计,也不意味着你做错了什么. If we find that anything needs to be updated, we will simply make, or in some cases ask you to make, any needed corrections.


Needs to complete the FAFSA?

All incoming college students should submit the FAFSA. 在生产部, 我们要求您提交FAFSA,以便我们知道您想要(或需要)经济援助(奖学金), 奖助金, 贷款, 等.). It is the initial application for institutional aid, state and federal 奖助金 and federal work study, is the prerequisite for federal student 贷款.

Do I contact for more information?

您可以致电(314)392-2366与我们联系,或发送电子邮件至 如果你对你的经济援助有具体的问题,你也可以联系你的 Financial Aid Counselor.


Do I file the FAFSA?

从历史上看,FAFSA每年10月1日开始发放. 然而,由于格式将发生变化,2024-2025年FAFSA将于12月1日发布. The priority deadline, 或者FAFSA必须完成的日期,才能考虑所有密苏里州的助学金, is February 1.